Faq's about print ordering

Photograph entitled Spring range burn, Kansas Flint Hills
Spring range burn, Kansas Flint Hills


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about print ordering. 

How to order

Please send me an email, (or call me at 402-516-4659) describing the image number, title and size of the print or canvas you wish to order. I will get back to you with complete ordering details. Prices shown on this site do not include shipping or any applicable sales tax. 

Types of prints

Photographic images can be printed on traditional photographic paper, on 'fine-art' papers, such as watercolor paper, or printed on archival grade canvas. 

Actual production costs for these different printing mediums will differ widely, but each offer a different look to the image, along with permitting different mounting and display options to better suit your decor. 

Printing on traditional photographic paper is the least expensive method, The print surface can be matte or satin. 


Canvas prints & display... 

If you have a display space that is directly opposite any windows, canvas prints can work beautifully for artwork sized 20" and above. Canvas prints are most frequently "wrapped" around a wooden frame of varying thickness, much like a painting, and are termed "gallery wraps". Like a painting, there is no need to to have the artwork protected under glass, so there's virtually no reflections. They can be framed, or left unframed - with a portion of the image wrapping around the side of the piece. While printing on canvas is more expensive to produce initially, it offers the most display options later. Due to the textured nature of the canvas material, it lends itself better to larger artwork, or a picture that is made to be viewed from a bit of a distance. 


The Digital Image Files themselves are not for sale. They can only be licensed for commercial, editorial or educational purposes. See "Image Usage & Licensing". 


Design options for a canvas Gallery Wrap print

- Gallery Wrap - Image Wrap: The outer 1.5" edge of the image is wrapped around the stretcher bars.  

- Gallery Wrap - Continuous Mirrored image: The outer 1.5" edge of the image is mirrored on the wrapped edge. 

- Gallery Wrap – Black, White or Colored Border: A classic black, white or colored edge is added to the image. 

- Designed to be placed in a frame -The canvas print is made to be stretched on a narrower stretcher bar and comes with a raw white canvas border .  


Fine-art papers

Although this method of printing is more expensive than that of traditional photo paper, the photograph takes on the look and feel of an actual watercolor or pastel painting with rich, saturated colors, deep dark tones and finely nuanced light tones. Prints done in this style, while still protected under glass, are mounted, but generally not matted, and often have deckled paper edges. 



All of my photo printing methods are completely archival, guaranteed to last at least 100 years under proper display conditions. There is virtually no difference in permanence between any of the printing processes if done correctly. The archival permanence of any image will be affected by display in direct sunlight, extreme temperature or humidity. 


Sizes of my prints

Prints on traditional photographic paper can be ordered up to 30x50" (or 30x85" for panoramas) without special ordering. 

Canvas prints (that require no glass protection) can be printed up to 53" x whatever length. 

Photos printed on Fine Art papers (Giclee prints) can be printed up to 60" x whatever length.