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James Nedresky is a documentary photographer and visual artist based in Omaha Nebraska. He received his BFA from Edinboro University and has been shooting professionally since 1993.

Keeping a hand in both commercial and personal photography, he specializes in documentary style weddings while pursuing personal projects involving the landscape, environment and lifestyle.

"My interest in making photographs came about in 1986, when as a partner in an art-glass business, I wanted to learn how to take better promotional pictures of our glass artwork. I enrolled in my first photography class, and found that my interest in making a better photograph was to go far beyond my expectations.

I began to acquire a true appreciation of photography as an art form, and the potential power of the single image. Following several classes, I began to create far more professional looking product photographs, both for our business and for other artists who were looking for equally better representations of their work. Yet I kept the more artistic pursuit of photography as a hobby until 1993, when I decided to leave my former business and began commercial freelancing in Chicago.

Moving to eastern Kansas from Chicago in 1994, my interest in the midwestern prairie landscape developed into a long-term personal photographic project, and I began to mix in more of my personal photographic interests into my freelancing.

I believe in photography as an expression of the moment, freezing in time a certain quality which at best can transcend its subject. In a world filled with rapidly changing images, a single picture can have the power to stimulate one's imagination. Images that can evoke special moments, or inspire a viewers imagination to see a subject in a different way, is for me, what makes photography an art form."

Publications and corporate collections include -

The Nature Conservancy, The Smithsonian Traveling Exhibits, Barnes and Noble Publishing, Southern Progress Corp., Islands Magazine, Time Life Books, National Parks Foundation, The State of Kansas Governor's Office, Kansas Bio Science Authority, The Fort Worth Zoo, Emprise Bank, Koch Industries, AAA Tour books, Houghton Mifflin Co., Bert Nash Mental Health Center, Kansas Department of Travel and Tourism, Kansas State University, Konza Prairie Biological Station, The Kansas Land Trust, New Scientist and Mother Earth Magazine.

Invitational exhibits and books -

"Homage to the Flint Hills" an invitational two-year traveling exhibit featuring Prairie inspired artwork, arranged to tour various venues throughout the state of Kansas. 2004

"Inspired - 20 Kansas artists working in the Flint Hills" Kansas State Capitol Building. 2004

"Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie", authored by Aimee Larrabee & John Altman, a companion to the PBS Documentary of the same name. 2002

"Architectural Details of Lawrence" Douglas County Courthouse, exhibit of black and white prints. 2001

"Prairie Images" - Lawrence Art Center, a two-person show featuring prairie inspired work. 1999

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