Flint Hills Photography :: James Nedresky photographer

About my Kansas Flint Hills Project

When I moved to Kansas in 1994, I got my first look at a part of the country that I new nothing about.

I began to explore the Flint Hills, which would become a very special place to me, both personally and professionally.

This region of tall grass prairie defied the standard preconception of Kansas being flat and uninteresting.

I became aware of the role that fire played in perpetuating the grasslands. As lines of flames boldly transformed the landscape or quietly crept through the night, I was drawn to take a deeper look at this subtle yet dynamic land.

I began this personal photographic project, striving to make images that evoked both the essence and peaceful energy of what made this prairie land so compelling to me.

The enigmatic nature of a relatively un-featured, minimal landscape, both subtle and dramatic, presented a photographic challenge unlike that of any other place I had been.

Through this project, I strive to make images that promote an awareness of the region's beauty, vitality, and the importance of preserving our largest remaining area of unplowed tall grass prairie.

Many of the images from this project are also presented in the book "Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie", authored by Aimee Larrabee & John Altman, a companion to the PBS Documentary of the same name.

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